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Wireless Workshop was founded in 1992 by long-time electronics professional Fred Wuensche. After 15 years at the same address in a suburb of Houston, Texas, we located relocated our shop  to near Huntsville, Texas in 2007

We're in the business of helping people enjoy hearing their vintage radios play again, by carefully refurbishing them to perform like new.  We limit our services to pre-1960 home broadcast and communications receivers manufactured in the USA.  Specialization allows us to be more efficient in serving you.

Our investment in this service business includes a sophisticated collection of test equipment, a significant service data and research library, and a major investment in an inventory of vacuum tubes and other replacement parts for radios.

Looking for a place to have that nice old radio restored?  That's what we've been in the business of doing since 1992.

Wireless Workshop
We fix old radios


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