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Wireless Workshop provides restoration services for pre-1960 home broadcast and communications receivers made in the United States.  We limit our service to the above equipment, and do not service automobile receivers, solid-state equipment, or radios newer than 1960.  

Key Benefits

bullet Specialized service by expert professionals
bullet Efficient service from extensive experience
bullet Limited Warranty on all work done
bullet No surprises. We charge a nominal fee to evaluate your equipment, and provide a written, fixed, detailed restoration charge.  We never charge more.  If the radio requires a part that we did not include on our quoted charge, we absorb the cost.


Wireless Workshop has the staff and resources to provide high-quality restoration services for old radio equipment.  We offer restoration of electronics to factory original performance, not a "just get it playing" approach.  You get the services of an experienced professional staff including a former electronics design engineer who has actual design experience with vacuum tube circuitry.  Because we believe in specialization, all cabinet restoration is jobbed out to local cabinet experts.   We offer their services on a "cost pass through" basis; we do not mark them up.  You may also choose to do your own cabinet restoration, or have it done by a service of your own choosing.

Professional Staff
Owner is an electrical engineer with decades of design experience, including vacuum-tube circuits.  All work is done by or under the direct supervision of the owner.
Outstanding Test Equipment
Wireless workshop maintains an inventory of sophisticated electronic test equipment, most of laboratory quality to rapidly diagnose faults and provide for factory-quality alignment of receivers, both broadcast and communications.
Parts Resources
Availability of repair parts is pivotal to the restoration of old electronics equipment.  We maintain an inventory of thousands of parts, including vacuum tubes to support our service operations.  An extensive search is maintained to insure an ongoing supply.  Wireless Workshop is equipped  with a small machine shop of its own to assist in our restorations.  We also maintain contact with specialty vendors of reproduction parts and services that we do not provide ourselves, such as transformer rewinding.

Looking for a place to have that nice old radio restored?  That's what we've been in the business of doing since 1992.

Wireless Workshop
We fix old radios


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